“In spite of the great increase in the size and the span of this Fellowship, at its core it remains simple and personal”.
Alcoholics Anonymous.

In the modern dynamically developing world, the aid to those suffering from alcoholism acquires new and new forms.
Based on the strength of Alcoholics Anonymous and personal and trustful communication histories, the spiritual essence of “talking one alcoholic to another” is the main aspect in discussing the use of technologies as a source of information about AA. Even familiar with the Internet AA members say they wouldn’t like to see the ease of new technologies distracted from one-on-one personal communication, which is so essential for our Fellowship and our recovery. It is useful to remember that the speed of technology should not be allowed to force us to act with excessive haste.
On the basis of experience, we are confident that the issues related to the preservation of the spiritual connection that occurs when one alcoholic communicates with another, can be successfully solved using modern technologies.
We are sure that the founding fathers, who enthusiastically wrote in The Big Book about the imminent flight to the Moon, would be same enthusiastic about the opportunity to help the suffering alcoholic with modern technologies.
In accordance with the A.A. ® Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Services, A.A. ® Guidelines for Central or Intergroup Offices, and A.A. ® Guidelines for Internet Issued by the Alcoholics Anonymous General Services Office USA and Canada (G.S.O.) in New York, AA members representing 23 countries in which AA meetings in Russian are conducted on a regular basis, but no local Russian-language Service structure is available, decided to create the “Union of Russian Speaking Alcoholics Anonymous “, subsequently renamed to “International Assembly of Russian-Speaking groups of Alcoholics Anonymous”.
It is important to emphasize that we see the value of our experience precisely in that we can unite alcoholics living in countries where Russian is not official. We draw on the experience of more than fifteen years of recovery, service, service structures organization and interaction with local structures and organizations.

Following Recommendations (A.A.® Guidelines for Internet) for the organization of websites, online meetings and Service structures of Alcoholics Anonymous are autonomous, as well as regular meetings.
Due to the lack of a central geographical location, online meetings and service structures are not directly part of G.S.O. of US and Canada service structure. Members of such AA groups are recommended to participate in the service in local structures
Our primary purpose is to help Russian-speaking groups of Alcoholics Anonymous to carry its message of recovery to alcoholics who still suffer.
Main provisions:
The International Assembly of Russian-Speaking groups of Alcoholics Anonymous is a regional AA service structure, consisting of representatives of AA groups or individual alcoholics from countries where AA meetings are conducted in Russian, but there are no Russian-speaking service structures and the Russian language is not official.
Cooperates without joining all interested organizations and regional service structures. Assembly meetings are held on a regular basis in ZOOM, decisions are made by simple majority vote, and the Assembly is headed by a chairman who is elected by vote.
The International Assembly of Russian-Speaking groups of Alcoholics Anonymous is an independent regional service structure, covers a vast geographical area, and is not part of or part of any other service structure. In its activities, it is guided by 12 AA Traditions and 12 AA Service Concepts.

Main functions of the Assembly:

  1. Creation of a common information field for Russian-speaking AA meetings outside Russia by creating a main website with a common, constantly refined schedule of Russian-speaking AA meetings all around the world.
  2. Organize phone and Internet lines using ZOOM, Skype, WhatsApp and other available international communication tools to respond quickly to alcoholic, who still suffers complaints, and, if necessary, to contact AA volunteers (listed) to accompany alcoholics to get to the meetings
  3. Exchange of experience between groups of different countries on interaction with authorities, mass media, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, in countries where Russian language is not official, to increase efficiency of work on the AA Fifth tradition.
  4. Support for the creation of new groups, including the provision of literature sets and necessary materials.
  5. Providing Russian-speaking meetings with AA literature, creating the necessary conditions for this. Print, if necessary, the translation of the literature approved by the Conference.
  6. Assistance and coordination in cooperation with local AA service structures.
  7. Act as a communication center for serviced AA meetings; regular publication of newsletters or bulletins, newsletters, to inform groups about current news and events in the life of other meetings.
  8. Communication and coordination between the groups and the GSO.

Composition of the Assembly: The International Assembly of Russian-Speaking groups of Alcoholics Anonymous includes representatives of groups:

1. Belarus 2. Bulgaria 3. United Kingdom 4. Vietnam 5. Germany 6. Netherlands 7. Greece 8. Georgia 9. Israel 10. Indonesia 11. Spain 12. Italy 13. Iceland 14. Ireland 15. Kazakhstan 16. Cyprus 17. Kyrgyzstan 18. Latvia 19. Moldova 20. UAE 21. Poland 22. Slovakia 23. USA and Canada 24. Ukraine 25. France 26. Czech Republic 27. Switzerland.

In the future, representatives of groups of Anonymous Alcoholics or individual alcoholics from countries where AA groups are still in the formation stage or are already meeting AA in Russian, but there are no Russian-speaking service structures and the Russian language is not official, To do this, it is enough to apply to the Assembly with a request for accession.
We appeal to all groups, regional service structures, committees, intergroups, and anonymous Alcohol conferences. If you know a Russian-speaking alcoholics who need help, who have difficulties attending meetings in your country and to work on a Big Book, or who want to start a new meeting, please give them our Contact information.

Help us to help them!